17-05-2020 Bitpolo Rates Added

Bitpolo (https://www.bitpolo.com/) rates have been added.

10-05-2020 Colodax Rates Added

Colodax (https://colodax.com/) rates have been added.

05-05-2020 Coindcx Rates Added

Coindcx (https://coindcx.com/) rates have been added.

22-04-2020 Pocketbits Rates Added

Pocketbits (https://pocketbits.in/) rates have been added.

19-04-2020 Cashaa Rates Added

Cashaa (https://cashaa.com/bitcoin-india) rates have been added.

14-04-2020 Zebpay Rates Added

Zebpay (https://www.zebpay.com/in) rates have been added.

09-04-2020 Giottus Rates Added

Giottus (https://www.giottus.com/) rates have been added.

06-10-2018 InstaCrypto Rates Added

InstaCrypto (https://www.instacrypto.in/) rates have been added.

04-07-2018 Unodax Rates Added

Unodax (https://www.unodax.com/) rates have been added.

04-07-2018 Cxihub Rates Added

Cxihub (https://www.cxihub.com/) rates have been added.

19-06-2018 WazirX Rates Added

WazirX (https://wazirx.com/) rates have been added.

19-06-2018 InstaShift Rates Added

InstaShift (https://instashift.io/) rates have been added.

01-03-2018 Bitcoinrates Update

  • Altcoin rates have been added. Users can select specific coin from dropdown on homepage.
  • 24 hr Max-Min Buy as well as Sell rates have been added
  • Exchange volume per coin has been added for exchanges that provide volume
  • The rates table can be sorted based on any column.
  • Users can set separate buy and sell fees for each exchange.
  • Each coin has its own arbitrage list.
  • Alerts can be set per coin basis.Also total number of alerts per user has been increased to 4.
  • All coin summary page:
  • http://www.bitcoinrates.in/allcoins.php
  • Historical data page [Older data is getting updated and should be available in few days]
  • http://www.bitcoinrates.in/history.php
  • Review feature on exchange page:
  • http://www.bitcoinrates.in/exchange.php?id=3
  • Other backend updates to ensure faster and reliable data update

20-02-2018 Coinslab Rates Added

Coinslab (https://www.coinslab.com/) rates have been added.

09-02-2018 Bitbns Rates Added

Bitbns (https://bitbns.com/) rates have been added.

24-01-2018 Zebpay Rates Reactivated

Zebpay rates have been reactivated.

22-01-2018 Coindelta Rates Reactivated

Coindelta rates have been reactivated as their api is fixed.

22-01-2018 Zebpay Rates Disabled

Zebpay rates have been disabled as their price api is returning invalid data after the recent app update.

20-01-2018 Coindelta Rates Disabled

Coindelta rates have been disabled as their price ticker api is under maintenance.

11-01-2018 Coinome Rates Reactivated

Coinome rates have been reactivated as their api is fixed.

09-01-2018 Virtualcoins Rates Added

Virtualcoins (https://virtualcoins.in/) rates have been added.

31-12-2017 Belfrics Rates Disabled

Belfrics rates have been disabled as the current API provides rates from https://india-exchange.belfrics.com/en, we will update to get the data from belfrics.io and activate it back when the new API is available.

31-12-2017 Coinome Rates Disabled

Coinome rates have been disabled as their API is not working, it will be activated back as soon as the API is fixed.